Project Description

ATEC Associate Professor Heidi Rae Cooley has been named a Project Scholar on a National Endowment for the Humanities-funded (NEH) interactive project called "Reconstruction 360." This project is designed and developed by South Carolina Educational Television.
NEH announced awards for Digital Projects for the Public in January 2020.

ATEC Assistant Professor Juan Llamas-Rodriguez, ATEC Associate Professor Heidi Cooley, and ATEC Associate Dean of Research and Creative Technologies Dale MacDonald hosted the Platforms to the World symposium on January 30 - February 1. The symposium addressed the contradictory uses of media technologies to transgress and reinforce geopolitical boundaries. This three-day event consisted of a series of workshops and site visits and included 18 participants —faculty, postdocs, and graduate students —from institutions around the world.

ATEC Assistant Professor Juan Llamas-Rodriguez was a featured faculty guest at the 2020 Ethnographic Salon organized by the Ethnography Studio at Rice University on February 28. The event was an interdisciplinary exploration of the notion of the GRAPHIC through workshops, roundtables, and public presentations.

ATEC Undergraduate Spring 2020 Senior Nagaris Johnson has received his own Gold Record for his sound engineering work in the recording of the debut solo album for music artist Quavo. The debut album titled "Quavo Huncho” is available on all music streaming platforms.

ATEC Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies Kim Brillante Knight presented a paper on "Black Ribbon and the Quantified-Self-in-Kinship" at the 2019 meeting of the American Studies Association in Honolulu, HI in November 2019. Dr. Knight's paper was part of a series of linked panels on the topic of "Data and/is Performance."

ATEC Graduate Students Catalina Alzate (MFA with Creative Practice), Angelica Miriam Martinez Ochoa (PhD), and Cansu Simsek (PhD) recently led workshops for visiting scholars at the Platforms to the World Symposium, which was hosted by ATEC.

ATEC Professor xtine burrough presented a paper discussing the formation of LabSynthE and their project, Syntonic Refuge, on the panel Flesh and Circuit, organized by El Putnam and Conor McGarrigle for the New Media Caucus at the College Art Association annual conference in Chicago on February 15.

LabSynthE's (burrough, Starnaman, Adelman, Asgharpour, Ferreira, Paiva-Homsi, Landers, Worcester) project, "Gush," was included in the One-Off Moving Image Festival 2020 throughout public Spaces in Valencia (ES), Copenhagen (DK) and Gol (NO) (February 10-16).

ATEC PhD Student Sharathchandra Ramakrishnan passed his Qualifying Field Exams, February 2020.

ATEC Assistant Professor Hong-An Wu presented her paper titled “Connected Learning During Disconnected Moments?” at the 2019 Connected Learning Summit that took place on October 3-5, 2019, at the University of California at Irvine. By centering teaching practitioners’ everyday reality of working with broken technologies, this paper provided a provocation for educational researchers to reconceptualize technologies through an examination of moments when technologies fail during teaching.

ATEC Assistant Professor Hong-An Wu presented her work-in-progress paper titled “Collective Technological Repair: Proposal for Pedagogical Practices” at the conference Maintainers III: Practice, Policy and Care that took place on October 6-9, 2019, at Gallaudet University. This paper emphasized a feminist pedagogical reorienting of existing teaching practices with technologies by engaging repair and care to de-center the challenges of technological failures during teaching.

ATEC PhD Student Mohammed Mizanur Rashid presented in a panel titled "Formulating Diversity and Representation in the Communication Discipline" at the 2020 convention of the Western States Communication Association in Denver, Colorado in February 2020. The paper was titled "Beyond selective perception and representational tokenism: Demystifying dichotomies of meritocracy and identity in the Academia."

ATEC Advising Peer Mentor & Undergraduate Student Linh-Hoa Nguyen secured a prestigious internship with Capital One's Design Development Program for this upcoming summer. She will be working with a diverse team of fellow interns, designers, business analysts, and product managers on research, strategy, ideation, design, and testing of new product concepts.

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