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The attendees at The Center for BrainHealth's Art of Kindness competition had the opportunity to cast their votes in a virtual poll for the People’s Choice Award, which was given to ATEC Undergraduate Student Zarah Najmi for her piece Kindness Connects:

“I wanted to show kindness as an ever-growing network that inspires and connects people together. I depicted the ASL sign for love, with a single path of the network going up the arm and then into the heart. This is representative of one person showing a little kindness which inspires a few more. The branches will continue to grow outwards, connecting more people through love and kindness.”

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ATEC Undergraduate Students Neda Ghassemi, Jade Nguyen and Holly Havens were the judges' pick at the Center for BrainHealth’s Art of Kindness art competition. The ten finalists were selected by a panel of judges from more than 100 entries. They shared their digital artwork describing their experience with COVID-19 illustrated through neuroscience of kindness concepts.

Congratulations to ATEC's seven newest HASTAC Scholars. The following students are part of a 2-year cohort of new Scholars, who will collaborate on "building a community of students working at the intersection of technology and the arts, humanities and sciences. As HASTAC Scholars, we write blog posts; interview leaders within the digital research and digital humanities fields; host online forums; organize events around the future of higher education; organize collaborative book reviews; and much more. Much of our work here centers around rethinking pedagogy, learning, research & academia for the digital age" For more information on  HASTAC Scholars, view this link:

The 2020-2022 Scholars:

Luke Hernandez (MA student)
Kathryn Whitlock (MA student)
Elmira Bagherzadeh (MFA student)
Maedeh Ashgarpour (MFA student)
Uttamasha Monjoree (MFA student)
Nusrat Chowdury (PhD student)
Cansu Simsek (PhD student)

Cara Mia Theatre's "Remember. Breathe. Dream." wins TACA Resiliency Initiative Award. ATEC Associate Professor Andrew F. Scott & the ATEC 3D Studio LightSquad's large-scale contemplative installation, 'Agape,' weaves the teachings of Zen Master Dr. Ruben Habito and transforms the Cara Mia Theatre of the Dallas Latino Cultural Center. This piece was one of the five multimedia installations a part of Remember. Breathe. Dream. Curated by David Lozano. TACA Pop-Up Grants were created to celebrate and reward local arts organizations for programming that demonstrates exceptional quality, creativity & innovation, and accessibility & inclusion. Grantees were selected via a nomination process that incorporates 35 anonymous local volunteers. Pop-Up Grants are an important component of the TACA Resiliency Initiative – a focused effort to support and strengthen Dallas arts and cultural organizations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The LightSquad is committed to creating visual experiences that are both technically compelling and socially relevant. A variety of techniques and processes were employed to develop this work. Projection mapping, sound, and lighting are the primary techniques used to convey the immersive experience in the Cara Mía Theatre. To view the installation, please visit this link.

In December, ATEC PhD Candidate Alex Garcia Topete won a Lone Star Regional Emmy in the category of "Documentary - Cultural / Historical" for "Nuestras Américas: Caminos Que Unen" (Our Americas: Roads That Bind)," for which he is the writer/director/producer.

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ATEC Assistant Professor of Instruction Laura Imaoka published an article entitled "Branding the Geospatial Industry" in the academic journal Communication, Culture and Critique. The article situates geospatial technology within the platform economy and constructs its brand culture, making it visible as a for-profit business rather than a utility.

ATEC PhD student Mohammed Mizanur Rashid has earned his Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning from the UTD Center for Teaching and Learning.

Congratulations to the following ATEC students who earned internships during the fall 2020 semester! Animation & Games senior Hope Nasr interned as a 3D Artist at Tour It Media and Design & Creative Practice senior Johana Jaramillo Arboleda served as Intern-EarthXR with EarthX Film.

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ATEC PhD Students David Adelman, Atanur Andic, Mohammed Rashid, Cameron Irby and Chuk Ikebude passed their Qualifying Field Exams, Fall 2020.

ATEC undergraduate animation student Sam Leeke is working with UT Southwestern medical device startup Glaucomedi, led by Dr. Karanjit Kooner, M.D., to design a new glaucoma shunt using fluid simulations and microfluidic engineering. Glaucomedi, founded by two UT Dallas biomedical engineering students, won first prize at the 2020 Big Idea Competition for their patent-pending shunt technology.

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