Project Description

ATEC Assistant Professor Juan Llamas-Rodriguez published a chapter titled "Tunnel Risk and the Mediation of Border Security Spectacle" in the The Routledge Companion to Media and Risk. The chapter examines how promotional media created by Customs and Border Protection showcases not only "security risks" as defined by the agency but also "labor risks" as embodied by the agents trying to justify the need for their roles within the agency. It is the first publication from Dr. Llamas-Rodriguez' upcoming book project on media about border tunnels.

ATEC Assistant Professor Juan Llamas-Rodriguez published a chapter titled "'Feeling Pirate' as Media Affect in Mexican-American Experience" in the collection Piracy and Intellectual Property in Latin America. The chapter argues that the media industries' policing of unofficial modes of consuming media in Mexican-American communities (like bootleg DVDs sold in bodegas and outdoor markets) parallels the social experience of these communities being targeted for "appearing foreign." In both cases, the supposed legality or illegality of these acts is secondary to the need for corporations and governments to discipline those deemed inappropriate consumer-citizens.

ATEC Associate Professor Dean Terry published a short essay called "Now, Later, Never" in GlassTire on the varying ways artists respond to major events like the pandemic. Terry also wrote and produced a livestream performance called "Cold Spring Pandemic Dream with Bird" with his Therefore Art, Sound & Performance Group. The fifteen minute performance was presented live on Instagram @therefore.

ATEC MA Student Alex Remington has been accepted to the Doctoral Program in the Department of Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas at Austin. He presented on his thesis, Modeled Bodies: Biopolitics, Gender, and Futurities in Digital Fashion Media, in April.

ATEC PhD Student Yvan Tina defended and graduated in Spring 2020.

Title of Dissertation: "Artificial Theaters: Staging Life in the Age of Biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence."

Supervising Committee: ATEC Professor Roger Malina (Chair), Yannick Butel (Co-Chair), ATEC Associate Professor, Maximillian Schich, Charissa Terranova

ATEC PhD Student Cenk Koknar defended and graduated in Spring 2020.

Title of Dissertation: "Negotiating the Right Way to Play Video Games."

Supervising Committee: ATEC Assistant Professor Josef Nguyen (Chair), ATEC Associate Professor Monica Evans (Co-Chair), ATEC Clinical Professor Tim Christopher, Kristin Drogos

ATEC Associate Professor Maximilian Schich has been elected as the CUDAN ERA Chair at Tallinn University in Estonia, where he will lead a research group including 5 senior research fellows and 5 PhD students from June 1, 2020. The project, whose mission is to advance the field of Cultural Data Analytics, is funded by the European Commission with 2.5 million Euro (ca. 2.7 million USD). cf.

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