Project Description

The Alexa Dialogues

The Alexa Dialogues investigates how technology shapes communication and relationships. The project centers on a live conversation with Alexa, the voice-driven artificial intelligence agent and the entanglements and complexities of human – AI relationships. Accompanied by immersive, large-scale video art delivered via live video feed and an original score performed by Professor Dean Terry and guest musicians, this performance is the dark reality of AI interaction.

Student Credits –

Faculty Credits – Dean Terry

Additional Credits – Patrick Murphy

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The video Feature shown is a live performance of A View To A Room Part 1 from The Alexa Dialogues, a performance by Therefore Art & Performance Group at The AT&T Performing Arts Center, featuring Hilly Holsonback. Original performance written and directed by Dean Terry with Therefore.

To read additional press coverage and view more performances visit  the Studio Therefore website.

Lab Gallery

Alexa Dialogues Gallery 1
Alexa Dialogues Gallery 2
Alexa Dialogues Gallery 3


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