Project Description

123 Date With Me

Imagine you are a senior at Elwood High that’s never had a single date. Now, you’re desperate to get a date to homecoming. With a little help with some friends, you’ll do whatever it takes to find the one.

123 Date with Me is a dating simulator that parodies educational media found on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) shows and point-and-click games for preschoolers. Users can talk, date, play micro-games, and maybe learn something along the way in this visual novel. This project was developed in ATEC’s Game Lab, a semester-long course in which teams of students create original, playable game experiences.

Student Credits – Mary Braden, Brittany Chanhmisay, Hayden Dillard, Lake Domstead, Drew Garza, Antonio Herrera, Abigail Hrbacek, Alan Janssen, Codie McKneely, Ashley Montgomery, Hope Nasr, Jacqueline Nguyen, Shelby Perez, Pablo Hafid Reyes, William Russek, Vaishnavi Valavil, and Andy Vo

For more information, visit the ATEC Animation & Games website.

Project Gallery

123 Date With Me gameplay Screenshot
123 Date With Me gameplay Screenshot
123 Date With Me gameplay Screenshot


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