Basic Brand Style Guidelines

ATEC Mission Statement

The School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (ATEC) at UT Dallas engages artists, designers, scientists, researchers, and reflective practitioners across multiple disciplines in collaborative activities to create new knowledge, explore the expressive possibilities, and assess the cultural impact of emerging technologies.

Key Messaging – our Elevator Pitch

  • ATEC delivers innovative STEAM education that draws inspiration from the creative disciplines of science, technology, art, engineering, and management.
  • Students, faculty, and researchers collaborate on Intentional Future-Making by exploring the possibilities of the future and the way those possibilities emerge from the present
  • All ATEC participants teach, all ATEC participants learn. Collectively, we cultivate the technological imagination.
  • Our vibrant lab and studio culture fosters collaboration across disciplines.
  • ATEC cultivates creative scholars, scholarly practitioners, and interdisciplinary researchers who identify new horizons of research and creative practice.
  • ATEC is a community of scholars who ask difficult questions and produce incisive knowledge on topics relating creativity and emergence.
Library diorama
Library diorama

Descriptive Words


The newest school at UT Dallas, The School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication, provides innovative curriculum and research at the intersection of science, technology, engineering, arts, and management (STEAM).


Faculty and students collaborate in formal courses and in co-curricular settings such as studios and labs to create, design, and experiment through the production of engaging animated stories, new digital applications, and new art experiences


Faculty and researchers identify signals in the present that point to impactful changes in human experience, social engagement, and cultural meaning.

ATEC Wordmark

ATEC logo
UTD logo next to ATEC logo

Default ATEC Logo


UTD ATEC logo spread


When using the ATEC logo, please maintain the proportion and integrity of the mark. Below are examples of attempts to change or adjust the wordmark.

Ways not to use logo

ATEC Color Palette

Any of the below shades of gray, plus black or white, are acceptable colors for the ATEC logo.

Black Alternate


Black alternative.

Dark Gray


Dark gray.




Light Gray


Light Gray.

ATEC Typography

ATEC’s official font is Proxima Nova, used at various weights for different purposes.