Basic Brand Style Guidelines

ATEC Mission Statement

To engage students with the best possible faculty, inspiring courses and activities; model quality thinking and incisive criticism; creatively teach methods for understanding how the future emerges from the present.  Appreciate history. Experiment creatively. Revisit assumptions. Pay attention to details. Learn how to learn.

Library diorama

Key Messaging

ATEC is the home of intentional future-making.

We help nurture the kind of creative and divergent thinking that will be the most valuable skillset of the future.

We are not conventional.

We empower participants to connect the dots in unconventional ways.

We teach participants to ask the right questions, and to generate their own answers.

Descriptive Words

  • Open. All ideas, theories, possibilities are championed—no matter who and where they come from.
  • Inspirational. Through creative expression, exploration and experimentation, we inspire each other to be our best.
  • Collaborative. We work together—faculty, students, researchers, the community at large —to discover all that’s possible.
  • Creative. Connecting the dots in new, unexpected ways uncovers fresh perspectives.
  • Challenging. We think differently, and we encourage persistence, which can be difficult.
  • Unconventional. Beyond textbooks, laptops and testing, ATEC sees learning as a laboratory.


ATEC logo
UTD logo next to ATEC logo

Default ATEC Logo


UTD ATEC logo spread


When using the ATEC logo, use the files provided above. Do not make changes to the logo. Making changes degrades or destroys the brand’s equity and recognizability.

While there is no way to depict every possible way in which a logo can be manipulated or ruined by a user, listed below are a few ways in which people commonly attempt to change or adjust logos.

Ways not to use logo

Color Palette

Any of the below shades of gray, plus black or white, are acceptable colors for the ATEC logo.

Black Alternate


Black alternative.

Dark Gray


Dark gray.




Light Gray


Light Gray.


ATEC’s official font is Proxima Nova, used at various weights for different purposes.