Facilities & Workspaces

The ATEC building is a portal that connects artists with the community.

Housed in the Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology building, the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (ATEC) fosters connections that encourage students to try, learn, and grow. Glass walls provide passersby a peek into the inner-workings of ATEC, while panels and hallways display student and faculty artwork for those experiencing ATEC indoors. The footprint of the building is designed around cluster concepts allowing thinkers to gather and work. ATEC classrooms, labs, and makerspace studios support new ways of collaboration for a community immersed in innovative practices.

  • exterior signage of Edith O'Donnell Arts and Technology Building, slide 1
  • exterior of ATEC campus building, looking skyward, slide 2
  • interior of ATEC campus building, group seating area, slide 3
  • exterior wide shot of ATEC campus building's architectural details, slide 4
  • ATEC campus building at sunset, slide 5
  • green and white painting inside ATEC building, slide 6
  • The Love Jack at ATEC
  • close-up of ATEC campus building's architectural details, slide 8

3D Studio

  • 3D Studio Workspace 1
  • 3D Studio Workspace 2
  • Slider 3D Studio 3
  • 3D Studio Workspace 4
  • 3D Studio Workspace 5
  • 3D Studio Workspace 6
  • 3D Studio Slide 7
Our 3D Studio provides a space for the exploration of art, design, and technology through intensive project-based studio practice. Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) tools such as laser cutters, mills, large format 2D printers, and 3D scanners/printers provide the platform of discovery through invention, collaboration, and hands-on building activities that resonate beyond the school and into the larger university community.

Motion Capture Studio

  • Motion Capture
  • Motion Capture
  • Motion Capture
  • Motion Capture
  • Motion Capture
The Motion Capture Studio houses 16 Vicon optical motion capture cameras comprised of eight MS13 1.3mp cameras and eight MX40 4mp cameras. An LED array that pulses at 120hz surrounds the cameras to capture light reflected from an object wearing motion capture markers.

Sound Design

Students completing their projects in the ATEC Surround Studio have use of a 7.1 surround mixing system, a Pro Tools HDX system, an AVID S3 Digital Control Surface, and 2 Neve microphone preamps. The ATEC Recording Studio consists of a main room and two adjacent ISO recording booths. The control room includes a 5.1 surround system, a wide selection of industry standard microphone preamps and microphones, Apollo interfaces, an AVID S3 Digital Control Surface, a baby grand piano, and DAW software including Pro Tools/Ableton Live 10. Students also have access to an Anechoic Chamber suitable to conduct research and experiment with sound. Four additional Pro Tools recording/mixing booths are available to complete their work.