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Earn your graduate degree in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (ATEC) at The University of Texas at Dallas

The School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (ATEC) at The University of Texas at Dallas invites applications for its MA/MFA/PhD programs beginning in Fall 2020. We seek students who appreciate the opportunities of cross-disciplinary education and who aspire to be visionary scholars, researchers, teachers, and artists.

Priority Admission

In response to current circumstances, UT Dallas is extending the 2020 admissions deadlines for MA and MFA programs to July 1, 2020.

The application deadline for priority admission and consideration of funding and financial aid:  January 15, 2020.  Application details are available hereopens in a new window.


Funding is available for outstanding doctoral students for 4 years of study. Funding support includes one year of research and three years of teaching assistantships (years 2-4). Tuition is covered by the School. Qualified students in the MA and MFA programs may also be funded through research assistantships and teaching assistantships.


At ATEC, we believe applying to graduate studies is a big step and we are here to help you along the way. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions about our info sessions, programs, or just general inquiries. Our advising team is ready to answer questions and guide you on your journey.

Master of Arts degree

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The MA in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication is appropriate for candidates who want to advance their undergraduate education through further study of technology and media, or to take an initial step toward a PhD in related fields. Students learn foundational theories and methodologies in technology and media studies as well as contemporary debates in the fields. After their coursework, students undertake independent research by branching out to pursue their own scholarly questions for their theses.

MA Pathways

Master of Fine Arts degree

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The MFA in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication is a terminal degree for those who wish to teach arts and technology-related courses at the college level, and those who intend to engage in studio or design practice. Students participate in a culture of community and critique, while developing their creative use and critical investigation of technology in artistic practices. After completing their coursework, students develop a thesis project that includes a public presentation.

MFA Pathways

Doctor of Philosophy degree

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The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication is designed for those who wish to engage in deep scholarship or to develop artistic, cultural, or commercial applications of technology and emerging media. With a diverse group of faculty and a curriculum that integrates scholarly study with creative practice, ATEC cultivates creative scholars and interdisciplinary researchers. The PhD in ATEC additionally prepares students to teach arts-and-technology-related courses in colleges and universities.

PhD Coursework

About ATEC, Header

Cultivating the Technological Imagination

ATEC is the newest school at UT Dallas and offers unique transdisciplinary academic programs that span the fields of art, computer science, design, humanities, and social sciences. Our students, faculty, and alumni collaborate on Intentional Future-Making through the creation of new cultural forms, the design of new technological experiences, the production of new knowledge, and the transformation of the culture industries.

Learn more about ATEC Faculty and our Research Labs and Creative Practice Studios.

Critical Media Studies

Transdisciplinary Collaboration

With a diverse group of faculty and curriculum that integrates scholarly study with creative practice, ATEC cultivates creative scholars, scholarly practitioners, and interdisciplinary researchers who identify new horizons of research and creative practice. Faculty and students collaborate on hybrid research projects, developing new methods of critical and creative practice.

ATEC Facultyopens in a new window have training and expertise in multiple disciplines:

  • Animation and game design
  • Critical media studies, including feminist, anti-racist, queer, Marxist and disability studies approaches
  • Visual and 3D arts
  • Computation and data analytics
  • Narrative and cultural theory
  • UX design
  • Public interactives
  • Quantitative media research
  • Art & science
Student working in Emerging Gizmology Lab

Creative Learning Environments

The vibrant lab and studio culture at ATEC fosters collaboration across disciplines, blending art, technology, humanists, scientists, roboticists, programmers, designers, and innovators. Graduate students are expected to participate in Creative Learning Environments, learning through shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration with faculty and peers.

Research Labs and Creative Practice Studiosopens in a new window include: